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Garry R Fenton Aviation Art Profiles presents a collection of meticulously detailed artwork of the Avro Lancaster. Each profile is unique with accurate paint schemes & markings. The artwork includes - Operation Chastise, (PA474) Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, (FM213) Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum and (NX6II) of the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre.

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Welcome to the website of Garry R Fenton Aviation Art Profiles, presenting the artwork profiles of the Avro Lancaster. With a meticulous attention to detail, each piece of work captures the unique details and aircraft features. Work includes PA474 (BBMF), FM213 (CWHM), NX611 (LAHC) Operation Chastise – Special Editions – Lancaster UK Tour of 2014. My portfolio features artwork of Halifax NA 337 & Lancaster KB882 which were produced for the National Air Force Museum of Canada.   

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To produce a profile of the Handley Page Halifax for the Executive Director of the National Air Force Museum of Canada which is displayed at the National Air Force Museum of Canada. To produce this artwork I was provided with several detailed close up photographs of the airframe and also used several reference books to study the aeroplane in detail.

I had previously been working in conjunction with the Alberta Aviation Museum where I was asked to create artwork of Avro Lancaster KB882 to help the fundraising campaign to restore this Lancaster back to flying condition.  

This restoration project is now being carried out by the National Air Force Museum of Canada who contacted me regarding the two existing profiles shown above.

The original brief was to produce two paint schemes of KB882 (shown on the top right) wearing the codes ‘NA-R’ which were applied during WWII and the post WWII version Air Transport Command of the RCAF.

The time scales which were given to me to complete this artwork were achieved & the completed artwork delivered to the client.

Halifax NA 337 2P-X