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Welcome to the website of Garry R Fenton Aviation Art Profiles, presenting the artwork profiles of the Avro Lancaster. With a meticulous attention to detail, each piece of work captures the unique details and aircraft features. Work includes PA474 (BBMF), FM213 (CWHM), NX611 (LAHC) Operation Chastise – Special Editions – Lancaster UK Tour of 2014. My portfolio features artwork of Halifax NA 337 & Lancaster KB882 which were produced for the National Air Force Museum of Canada.   

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Welcome to Garry R Fenton  Aviation Art Profiles

   All Artwork is Printed Direct by the Artist

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Special Artwork Commissioned for the NAFM of Canada

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Garry R Fenton Aviation Art Profiles presents a collection of meticulously detailed artwork of the Avro Lancaster. Each profile is unique with accurate paint schemes & markings. The artwork includes - Operation Chastise, (PA474) Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, (FM213) Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum and (NX6II) of the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre.