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Garry R Fenton Aviation Art Profiles presents a collection of meticulously detailed artwork of the Avro Lancaster. Each profile is unique with accurate paint schemes & markings. The artwork includes - Operation Chastise, (PA474) Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, (FM213) Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum and (NX6II) of the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre.

Welcome to the website of Garry R Fenton Aviation Art Profiles, presenting the artwork profiles of the Avro Lancaster. With a meticulous attention to detail, each piece of work captures the unique details and aircraft features. Work includes PA474 (BBMF), FM213 (CWHM), NX611 (LAHC) Operation Chastise – Special Editions – Lancaster UK Tour of 2014. My portfolio features artwork of Halifax NA 337 & Lancaster KB882 which were produced for the National Air Force Museum of Canada.   

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This project once complete, will be a comprehensive set of highly detailed images of Avro Lancaster PA474 undergoing a Major Service which took place from October 2006 - April 2007. Starting as ‘Mickey the Moocher’ QR-M and finish as the ‘Phantom of the Ruhr’ HW-R /BQ-B. I am using the existing profiles of these Lancasters, work started on the construction and the correct position of the sub frame assembly including the engine bearers and Merlin engines both inboard and outboard.

The aim is to keep this work as accurate as possible and after watching ‘Lancaster at Coventry’ many times and a lot of in depth reading, I worked on a concept layout part of which is shown below as the office with internal detailing complete with a set of wings stored behind. This is the background which will be on the majority of the prints produced.

Above - Proposed drawing of PA474 shown soon after arriving at Coventry Airport,  where now the old paint scheme and markings of ‘Mickey the Moocher’ removed back to bare metal and revealing the transit joint tape and corrosion on the aft bomb bay doors.

Above - Planned layout drawing of PA474 which has now been lifted and is now supported on the jacks with the rear section removed ready for the for the installation of the new flying control rods.

Above - Planned layout drawing of PA474 shown much later during the winter service with the inboard engine installed only with a very small amount of plumbing.

Above - Planned layout drawing of PA474 which has now has the inboard and outboard engines radiators installed with the fuel tanks and control surface.

PA474 Service Project