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I have always had an interest in aviation, I would run to the window when I heard an aeroplane and look to see what it is. Now aged 50 I still look up to the sky (although I don’t run any more) and see how over the years I have witnessed the constant evolution of both commercial and military aviation, gone are the screams of noisy smoky jets of the of the 70s and 80’s today commercial aircraft are quiet, like modern cars they lack the individuality of the VC10 and 707’s. The moment flight simulators first became available for the home computer, the idea of flying was amazing. I bought my first com- puter, It was here when I wanted to combine my computer design skills with aircraft and aviation. I drew the very first profile in 1994, as the years progressed, so did the profile. In 2002 I was made redundant from the first job since leaving school, I can remember being asked what I am going to do I replied “create aircraft textures for flight simulator” I sent sample artwork to a flight developer who replied and liked what I could do, however it was not in the software they used. But they had replied and that was fantastic boost. My old work colleagues knew I was interested in aviation, when as a total suprise I was handed and envelope and inside was a trial flying lesson in a tiger moth at the Imperal War Muesum at Duxford. This was the very first time I had flown and what a first flight. I had the flying jacket, hat & goggles and this was the most breath- taking experience. Once you leave the bumpy ground you float upwards, and the ground objects disappear. I will never forget this it was fantastic. From 2019 I started to draw the Avro Lancaster as a vector image, this enabled me to take the profile to a whole new level of detail. What you see in my artwork profiles and this text and website is my journey of perseverance and the passion for the subject. I have worked on every aspect of what today you see here. From developing the profile, I have worked on the purchasing, advertising, web design. Yes, I have made mistakes on this journey, I am human and gone around things the wrong way, but over time I have learnt so much about what I can do and what can be achieved if you want it, and you do not give up. Looking back, I did not imagine for one minute I would do this, I could have managed to find a job and stayed there, But I took a risk (which is unlike me) One now that I feel and hope that the many years have been worth it. I have created artwork for the National Air Force Museum of Canada, exhibitions, restorations, and publications. Today my artwork is more than just a profile, it is the development of hundreds of construction drawings which amount to several gigabytes of data over eight months and is essentially a detailed technical illustration which has captured the distinctive lines and presence of the Avro Lancaster Thank you for reading and visiting Garry R Fenton