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Last  update 20/03/2018

  Latest artwork now available in the Art Gallery

Avro Lancaster PA474  of the BBMF in the new markings for 2017 of ‘AR-L’ Leader of 460 Squadron.


Avro Lancaster PA474 ‘AR-L  ‘Leader’




Part of an ongoing project to produce various technical artwork of Avro Lancaster PA474 shown during a major winter service which was carried out between October 2006 and April 2007.

The Lancaster will start as ‘‘Mickey the Moocher’ and finish as the ‘’Phantom of the Ruhr’.

This will be built of several drawings and then available as prints once completed, two of the many drawings are shown opposite


Hello and thank you for stopping by Garry R Fenton Aviation Art Profiles, Here you will find my profiles of the Avro Lancaster, each one capturing the intricate details and individual features of the many different types.

The artwork is available direct from me from the Art Gallery  All my work is individually numbered and printed to order. I also produce Commission Art.

I have also produced the nineteen Lancasters of 617 Squadron 16th/17th May 1943 including ‘Special Collections’ which feature the ‘UK Tour of 2014’ including the Avro Vulcan XH558 ‘The Spirit of Great Britain’.

Garry R Fenton Aviation Art Profiles

'AR-L' 460 Squadron & 'VN-T' 50 Squadron Special Collections ArtworkAR-L 2017

The complete collection print displaying 18 mini profiles of Avro Lancaster PA474 with the individual dates the markings were applied.




Avro Lancaster PA474  of the BBMF produced in the new markings for 2017 of ‘AR-L’ of 460 Squadron & ‘VN-T’ of  50 Squadron